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As a leader in public sector health, you have a front-row seat to the complex and challenging transformation taking place in federal health care. You are managing in an environment of shifting responsibilities, new questions, and critical choices. Deloitte health care professionals can help you navigate this landscape. From health information technology (HIT) to health reform strategies, we offer the insight that lets you improve federal health care for everyone’s benefit.

About our services

Deloitte is committed to the health care industry.

Deloitte is a trusted advisor, and can help Health agencies solve their most meaningful and challenging health care problems.

Deloitte has:

  • Deep health experience and perspective shared through client engagements, live events, signature reports, research publications, podcasts, webcasts, etc.
  • Broad capabilities (breadth) and significant resources (depth) across diverse disciplines to serve wide-ranging missions and deliver on assignments of any size worldwide
  • Results delivered that can make a lasting difference
  • Tailored and collaborative  approach  to service delivery that can meet specific needs
  • Serve as trusted  advisor, listening to each client’s individual issues, understanding their business, and addressing issues with objectivity and candor.

Public Population Health

At Deloitte, we are passionate about helping our clients deliver on their missions in a public health arena that is increasingly complex with regulatory, economic, social, and environmental challenges. Right now, we are collaborating with our clients to respond to the international Zika epidemic, to combat the opioid overdose crisis, to improve health services to our active duty military, their dependents, and our veterans, and to advance the cancer moonshot, just to name a few. Our talented team of policy, research, evaluation, and other health consultants are committed to bringing our experiences to address key public health challenges.

Learn more about?Public Population Health.

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Federal Health Data and Technology

You’re already drinking from a data fire hose, but the valve is going to open a lot wider in the near future. How will you filter all that information, create knowledge from it, and use it as an effective tool for decision-makers? The answer lies in analytics and modeling. Not only more data capabilities, but different ones. So your agency can make new kinds of decisions, not just different versions of the ones you’ve been making for years. Are you ready?

Learn more about Federal Health Data and Technology.

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Therapeutic Area Transformation

Chronic disease and end-of-life care generate costs that are crippling economies. Today, the high cost of care exhausts a huge amount of resources that could otherwise be deployed to fuel more productive economic growth.

Learn more about Therapeutic Area Transformation.

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Meet the leaders

Kevin Brault

Kevin Brault

Federal Health Care Sector Leader

Kevin is a principal with Deloitte & Touche LLP and is the Federal Health Care sector leader, responsible for managing, implementing, and operating all aspects of sales and delivery across the Federal... More

Dr. Bruce Green

Dr. Bruce Green

Managing Director & Chief Medical Officer

Bruce is a managing director with Deloitte Consulting LLP, serving as chief medical officer?for Deloitte’s Federal Health practice. Bruce is an advisor to Deloitte’s federal and commercial health clie... More